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Bolt-on power in under just over an hour! This Seat Leon Cupra gained 88HP & 83lbfts in just over an hour with APR Stage 1 ECU, DSG and IE Cold Air Intake.


If you want your Seat Leon Cupra to sound like a 90s rally car then the IE Cold Air Intake is the only intake to have. The intake features a 3” intake pipe down to the OE turbo elbow, a huge 5” air filter with venturi to encourage air to enter the intake pipe even faster and a crinkle black coated airbox which has an open top. Releasing all of those amazing intake sounds! The IE open and closed carbon intakes both include their “stealth” coolant hose which routes underneath the intake, other intake kits re-use the OE hose which lays over the intake, which doesn’t look so great.



APR always deliver with their MQB tuning. Stage 1 High Torque with DSG software lifting output by 88HP and 83lbfts to peak figures of 374HP & 353lbfts. It’s one of the best “bang for your buck” upgrades on the MQB. The DSG software revamps the shift points, increases clamping pressures and reduces shift time. In manual mode, auto downshift and upshift is disabled but auto upshift/downshift remains active in all other modes.



Next step, add a 3” downpipe, intercooler and APR Stage 2 for circa 400HP & 400lbfts. It’s that easy!


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