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HEX Tuning Stage 1 F80 M3 ECU Tune

regal-autosport-hex-tuning-vf-engineering-f82-f80-m3-m4-ecu-remap-tune-exhaust-milltek-awe-tuning-fabspeed-img_4948F80 M3 customer joins the Hex Tuning revolution…

Hex Tuning, the software division of BMW Supercharging legends VF Engineering have been absolutely blowing away customers expectations, and competitor products for the latest F80 M3 and F82 M4 models. With ECU software which has been calibrated to increase horsepower, torque and drive ability through optimised ignition, boost, cam, VANOS, throttle and many other calibration tables within the ECU to function in absolute synchronicity.

Thanks to the expert calibration, this results in not only market leading power, torque and drivability but, also market leading customer feedback which has been used to further refine their tune. Alongside the horsepower, torque and drive ability gains the Hex Tuning software also offers GTS features, such as the highly desirable exhaust burble (which sounds INCREDIBLE btw!), GTS speed limiter, GTS sport display power level and startup sequence roar.

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regal-autosport-hex-tuning-vf-engineering-f82-f80-m3-m4-ecu-remap-tune-exhaust-milltek-awe-tuning-fabspeed-img_4960First off the bone-stock F80 M3 is strapped down to our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno with TAT data acquisition to obtain the stock horsepower and torque numbers of this specific vehicle.

regal-autosport-hex-tuning-vf-engineering-f82-f80-m3-m4-ecu-remap-tune-exhaust-milltek-awe-tuning-fabspeed-img_4940Once complete we move the car into our workshop where the flashing process begins.

regal-autosport-hex-tuning-vf-engineering-f82-f80-m3-m4-ecu-remap-tune-exhaust-milltek-awe-tuning-fabspeed-img_4944First off the ECU is updated with the latest revision of ECU software.

Once updated, the ECU removal can begin. This requires the charge cooler to me moved out of position and the intake manifold to be removed.


regal-autosport-hex-tuning-vf-engineering-f82-f80-m3-m4-ecu-remap-tune-exhaust-milltek-awe-tuning-fabspeed-img_4955Once the intake manifold is removed we now have access to the ECU BMW kindly placed under it! Once removed we then patch the ECU so that the Hex Tuning software can be installed through the OBD2 socket. This also means that if the customer would like to put the car back to stock, or upgrade to Stage 2 or 2+ they can simply pay for the upgrade and flash the file with the optionally purchased Hex Tuning Flash Cable.

Once flashed the GTS features are activated, smiles for miles!



This F80 M3 achieved peak figures of 483HP & 457TQ. Up from the stock figures by +64HP & +52TQ, with maximum gains of 75HP at 6000RPM & 60TQ at 5250RPM.

The customer feedback on Bimmerpost speaks for itself… (checkout the official thread right here

“Thanks VF + Regal Autosports (UK)!!

Both have been an absolute pleasure to work with in order to get this tune done!
Professionalism, approachability and willingness to help were second to none!

Was a little apprehensive at first about my car being pulled apart to get to the ECU but bit the bullet and just had the stage 1 performed on my car earlier today! With a 150mile trip immediately after, I got to experience the car as well. (ECU learning along the way). I must say that I’m not getting unexpected jerkiness/bucking as some are alluding to, it feels exactly how my M3 felt brand new. It got better over a short time and expecting it to now do the same again.

Let me just say this car PULLS! Powerband is very usable and GTS features are much MUCH better than expected! (and YES, Im stock everything, exhaust, downpipes, etc..)

Fantastic job guys. Will hugely recommend the folks at Regal Autosport (UK)

For anyone in the UK ‘on the fence’. Take the leap, DO IT! you will NOT regret it!”








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