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Gen 1 R8 V10 Plus Gets More Bark with Brooke Race Exhausts

Gen 1 R8 V10 Plus in for a Brooke Race Exhaust 

Unfortunately, as super as supercars are every factory supercar seems to have the same muted soundtrack thanks to Government (over)regulation.

Fortunately, there are companies out there like Brooke Race Exhausts who manufacture high quality and great sounding aftermarket performance exhausts for such supercars that release their awesome soundtrack.

We installed such an exhaust system onto a customers Gen 1 R8 V10 Plus with some fantastic feedback and improvements in both sound and aesthetic (you can see the exhaust slightly through the rear bumper vents).

“Just had a Brook Race Exhaust fitted to my R8 V10 buy the Guys at Regal and BRE, Right from the start these guys have been first class and 100% professional. I would recommend Regal Autosport to anyone as would I the BRE Exhaust, which sounds amazing.”

Below you can take a sneak peek behind the installation process from the stills and video from the day.



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