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500HP+ not to your taste but still yearn for the epic GTS features? HEX Tuning has your covered.


In a car which is undoubtedly extremely capable from the factory, for some the only missing piece of the driving enjoyment puzzle is the GTS inspired features HEX Tuning have in their Stage 1, 2 and 2+ tunes.



Fortunately, HEX Tuning are now offering the highly coveted GTS features with stock power.



What this means is you can have all of the GTS inspired features such as the GTS overrun burble, GTS start-up roar, GTS sport display power level, GTS top speed limiter (192mph) and GTS oil fill level (for track use). Checkout the overrun burble below…




If you find at a later date you would like more power, Stage 1 or Stage 2 you can simply purchase the desired stage and use the OBD2 flashing tool provided at the time of flashing to upgrade your vehicle using the HEX tuning suite.


To find out more or book your vehicle in for HEX Tuning click on the below product links, call or email.

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