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Have an E9X M3? Read this to help prevent premature engine failure…

The problem: This problem manifests itself in various types of engine failure but most commonly as connecting rod bearing failure and even crankshaft failure in later models due to a different rod bearing spec.


There is a lot of speculation online about why this issue exists, perhaps the most complete analysis is that the OE bearing tolerance is too small, this when coupled with the thick oil spec is thought to lead to the failures. On later models which were fitted with a tin-aluminium bearing which is around 4 times harder than the original spec this can lead to crankshaft failure.



The solution: There are various proposed solutions out there from OE bearings with a coating or shot peening of the bearing. These solutions however do not address the problem of too small tolerances and too thick of an engine oil.



To address the bearing clearance issue, we install the Clevite BE Bearings which use a lead-copper deisng for greater durability and easy tracking with oil analysis. Alongside this they have additional clearance designed for use with the 10w60 oil as well as tri-armor coating which helps to protect during cold starts.


We highly recommend upgrading your E9X bearings as soon as possible as its not a case of if but when they fail, resulting in a large repair bill. If you would like to book your M3 in for this upgrade to be performed call us on 02382 550958 or email for a quote. Alternatively, if you would like the parts only please checkout the below purchase link…

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