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B7 RS4s are plagued by two big issues. Carbon deposits on the intake valves and DRC failure. Today we will be talking about DRC issues…


The DRC suspension made by KYB is a well known failure point on the B7 RS4. Its extremely common at some point in an RS4s lifecycle to experience a failure, failures can be recognised by feeling of reduced handling, knocks and then confirmed by looking at the shocks and identifying fluid which should be inside the shock, on the outside. Whilst the DRC can be replaced with new units at great cost another great solution is to upgrade to a Bilstein coilover kit!



This customer selected the Bilstein B14 kit. The B14 kit is a coilover kit which comes pre-set at the Bilstien factory for a blend of comfort and fast-road holding. The ride height is also adjustable so you can adjust the stance to your taste.



The end result is an RS4 with dampers that work meaning improved handling and comfort with the added benefit of improved aesthetics!


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