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Audi left a lot of performance on the table with the S6 and S7. This owner unleashed it by visiting Regal Autosport for a Stage 1 APR ECU and DSG upgrade!


The Stage 1 ECU and DSG upgrade for the 4.0TFSi Audi S6 and S7 dramatically improves horsepower, torque and driveability. On this car, unleashing a monster 540HP and 610lbfts at peak which is an increase in 90hp and 190lbfts over stock at peak. However, this is just half the story.



Gains “under the curve” show the over half with +200lbfts and 140hp at 3750rpm. This monumental gain in performance makes this S7 dramatically accelerate relentlessly up until the rev limit in every gear. Checkout the dyno graph below showing before and after power and torque.




This S7 was also fitted with an aftermarket performance exhaust and intake, generating the insane intake sound and deep exhaust growl you can enjoy below.


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