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Breaking every single piece of the Alpina enthusiast internet space, Ryan’s heavily modified Alpina B3S has become a hated car amongst Alpinaphiles and split enthusiasts opinion.


Once Ryan sorted the appearance of his B10 with an Air Lift Performance suspension and Rotiform wheels Ryan turned to us for help to dramatically increase horsepower, grip and keep everything cool on his journeys around Europe.





The B10 uses an engine similar to the E36 M3 with a slightly longer strong for a 3.3l capacity. VF Engineering supplied us with one of their signature bolt-on supercharger systems, adapting the 3.3l for forced induction use. The supercharger system lifted power by an impressive 80HP and 70lbfts, a dramatic improvement over stock!





To properly put the dramatic increase in horsepower and torque down to the ground Ryan also elected to have installed a Wavetrac ATB LSD. Wavetrac’s ATB LSD features many patent protected features which mean it out performs all other ATB LSDs on the market and some more. Want to know more? CLICK HERE





For maximum cooling, Ryan also installed CSF Radiators All-Aluminium Water Radiator. Replacing the original BMW item which is definitely beyond its optimum performance window. The CSF Radiator will help keep coolant temperatures consistently cool for maximum enjoyment across his European adventures.



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