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A3 1.8TFSi Packs a Punch with APR Stage 1 ECU Remap

 Looking for more punch from your 1.8TFSi? Read more…

The new MQB platform from Volkswagen Audi Group is a brilliant chassis which is matched with some incredible engines, most notably the Low Output 2.0TFSi found in the MK7 GTi and High Output Golf R or S3.

Whilst the larger engines to take more of the glory their little brother, the 1.8TFSi can still gain a lot of power and torque with an APR ECU remap. The APR ECU remap for the 1.8TFSi can lift power up to 250hp and torque to 268lbfts which results in a 0-125mph time that’s more than 20 seconds faster!

This customer wanted just that for his 2016 A3 1.8TFSi Tiptronic. We first dyno’d the car in its stock form and after we installed the APR Stage 1 ECU remap.

At the same time as the ECU remap this customer opted for an Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake, providing an intense air intake roar and turbo sound!

Tested back to back on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno the end result was a gain of 49hp and 72lbfts over stock!

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