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2.0TFSi Sachs Performance Clutch Kits

IMG_3669Performance clutch installs for the 2.0TFSi are now available at Regal Autosport, for workshop installation or drop shipping.

Sachs Performance offer the best range of clutches for the 2.0TFSi equipped vehicles such as the Golf MK5 GTI, ED30, Golf MK6 R, S3, Leon Cupra R and Octavia VRS. Where the factory clutch can begin to slip due to wear and age, the Sachs clutch has a much higher torque capacity meaning no slipping where the stock unit would.

Sachs does this by upgrading the friction material of the clutch and the pressure plate. They offer a range of kits, from a replacement organic clutch kit, to a single mass flywheel upgrade with either organic clutch or sintered metal for the serious enthusiast.

All 2.0TFSi clutch options can be found on our online store by clicking here

Kits range from as little as £479, making the upgrade affordable for everyone. Includes on our online store is the option of LUK or Genuine VAG parts such as the release bearing, crank to flywheel bolts and slave bearing.

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