HEX Tuning Stage 2+ Tune for F80/F82/F83 M3/M4

HEX Tuning Stage 2+ Tune for F80/F82/F83 M3/M4

More POWER for your ///M.

HEX Tuning by VF Engineering delivers more than just power -It’s engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance on the street or at the track in a way that inspires confidence ever time you press the pedal. 

The HEX Tuning software upgrade for the S55 3.0L turbocharged engine found in the F8X M3 & M4 is a proper ECU recalibration that works in conjunction with the ECU’s self diagnostic and safety features, including but not limited to, advanced OEM knock detection. This approach not only allows for more consistent and reliable power than “piggyback” tunes, it also ensures that the ECU functions as originally intended while providing noticeably increased horsepower and torque delivery even with different fuel qualities, under a wide range of driving conditions, and in various climates around the world.

Stock Measured Figures (Average quoted by VF Engineering) 



HEX Tuning Quoted Stage 1 Gains 

+90-100 WHP 

+125-135 WTQ

For a limited time, also includes a HEX Tuning Flash Cable worth £324, allowing you to flash your vehicle back to stock, or with any pre-purchased HEX Tuning software.

Additional Software Features

• Increased Horsepower

• Increased Torque

• Improved Throttle Response

• OEM Like Drivability & Smoothness

• Upgradable Stage Levels

• User Controlled Program Switching

• GTS Top Speed Limiter (Set to 192mph)

• GTS Sport Display Power Level

• GTS Start-up Sequence “Roar”

• GTS* Throttle Overrun “Exhaust Burble”

• GTS* Oil Fill Level - For Track Use

*GTS features are inspired by the BMW M4 GTS model vehicle, and may not provide identical results due to subtle differences in factory or aftermarket hardware, including but not limited to, factory M3/M4 OEM or aftermarket exhaust systems. Some features such as Throttle Overrun and Oil Fill Level are optional and will need to be requested at time of order.

Get the TCU Tune, only £489 with the ECU tune

• Higher clamping force for improved torque delivery.

• Increased shift speeds and faster rev matching.

Once purchased a performance specialist will contact you via email with a booking form and liaise with you in order to schedule your appointment for the tuning.  

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