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Workshop Install: Audi B8 S5 4.2l V8 Decoke (Carbon Clean), AWE Tuning Track Edition Exhaust, AWR Tuning S-FLO Carbon Intake & RSS ECU Remap

Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_4787Audi S5 for an inlet valve decoke (carbon clean) and ECU Remap to suit. Alongside an AWE Tuning Exhaust & S-FLO Intake. All resulting in HUGE GAINS!

With our wealth of experience of decoking and documenting the performance increase available on the B7 RS4 4.2l and R8 V10 4.2l this week we turned our attention to a customers B8 S5.

What is Carbon Cleaning or Decoking?

Carbon cleaning is the process of cleaning carbon, specifically from the engines intake ports and valves. The B8 S5 engine is direct injection, which is where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. This direct injection fuel system is a development onwards from indirect injection, in pursuit of better emissions and fuel efficiency. Indirect injection is where fuel has been injected into the intake ports, past the valves and into the cylinder. With indirect injection the fuel also serves a function of cleaning the intake valves of blow-by gasses and breathed gasses – whereas with direct injection this does not happen, so the intake valves gradually build up carbon deposits,  building up over time to greatly restrict the intake port flow and reduce the engines knock threshold.

On a high-performance naturally aspirated engine such as the B8 S5, port flow is critical to engine performance. With this port flow lost, there is a dramatic reduction in power.

Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_9476-2You can see just how bad the issue can be. With the carbon deposited the valve and valve stem, this decreases port flow and increases the valve train weight, dramatically reducing performance. As well as the carbon also being deposited within the port itself. Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_9486-2With our well refined cleaning process you can now see the bare metal of the valves and port.

Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_4790To help the engine breathe that little bit easier, this customer also opted to install the AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Kit which utilises a Carbon Fibre airbox cover for hugely improved aesthetics, high-flow cotton filter element and high-flow silicone filter resulting in a further improvement in performance.

IMG_4767Next up was the exhaust system. With AWE Tuning making the finest exhaust systems available for the Audi range, it was a choice between Track or Touring, then Polished Silver or Diamond Black tips. This customer opted for the Track Edition which really unleashes the V8 soundtrack with some fantastic pops on the overrun. Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_4783The AWE Tuning exhaust seriously improves the aesthetics of the rear of the car. (video below!)Regal-Autosport-Audi-S5-S4-v8-Decoke-AWE-Tuning-Exhaust-Milltek-Intake-Carbon-Remap-IMG_4788With the carbon cleaning, AWE Tuning Exhaust & Intake install complete it was time to install the ECU software. This customer had an issue with his intake flaps, so we simply wrote the software to remove the error light and fix them into the open position, meaning the customer didn’t have to pay for a costly repair to the system and further improving performance!

As you can see from the dyno graph below, stock power was recorded at 263HP & 277TQ. Way below the factory quoted figures of 349HP & 325TQ, carbon deposits really can inhibit performance to that extent!

With the above work complete, power was restored and improved upon. Gaining a whopping 102HP & 53TQ. Simply breathtaking!

All of the above work is available at Regal Autosport, call us on 02380558636 or drop an email to to find out more information and pricing.

Regal Autosport Audi S5 Decoke Remap AWE Tuning Exhaust Intake

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