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We have the latest Supertracker system which allows us to accurately measure and adjust wheel alignment and geometry in-situ using the Manufacturer standard Wheel alignment and geometry specifications, optimising tyre life and reducing un-even wear on your tyres whilst maintaining the OE handling.


If you are looking for a more agile setup we have the knowledge and expertise to set up your vehicle to accommodate. Using the latest Supertracker equipment we can carefully adjust your settings outside of the OEM standard parameters, enabling you to enjoy more responsive feedback and precise handling.


If like us, you enjoy taking your vehicle on track days, we have plenty of experience in track specific setups. Having built up our knowledge in some of the UK’s leading race series, we can set your car up to handle like its on rails, enabling you to push your car hard and get the most out of your track experience.


There are various terms to describe essentially the same thing; which way your vehicle’s wheels are pointing. This ‘wheel alignment’ can have a profound impact on the behavior of the car, even with the most subtle change.
Put simply, during a wheel alignment we precisely measure the toe and camber angles of your vehicle and castor (upon request). We then precisely adjust these measurements to the specification required, be it OEM, fast-road or track use. There a lot of factors which contribute to the correct wheel alignment such as state-of-the-art equipment and competent technicians and at Regal Autosport have both. Below is a simple overview of Toe, Camber and Castor. 

Toe in and Toe out

Measured by us by up to a 100th of a mm, positive toe, or toe in is the front of the wheel pointing towards the centreline of the vehicle. Negative toe is the opposite, as show in these images. Toe is usually referred to as “tracking”.

Camber Angle

Measured by us in degrees and minutes, negative camber is when the wheel points into the vehicle whereas positive camber is the opposite.

Wheel Alignment and Geometry setup

Caster angle

Measured by us in degrees and minutes, castor is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis of a steered wheel. Positive castor is when the steering axis is towards the rear of the vehicle and negative the opposite.

Suitable for Lowered Vehicles

Our system can operate with vehicles that have small amounts of clearance, such as race cars with large splitters and low tyre to arch clearance.


Customer Reviews

Brilliant service from start to finish! Took my C63 AMG in for a secondary de-cat bypass and done a fantastic job. Friendly staff and the cars in the garage say it all. I can't do anything without researching companies first and these guys are top, definitely found a trusted garage & mechanics
Had my 2016 bmw m3 stage 1 remap done here as well as geo set up. Can’t fault the guys one bit. Talked me through everything. Designed the map for me and my needs. Travelled over 3 hours to get the work done and would 100% do it again. Cheers guys
BMW F80 M3
Great experience with Regal. The set up they did with my coilovers was great. True experts in the performance car scene they’ll see me again soon for more work
MK7 Golf R
Looked after tonnes of cars of mine over the years, from VW Golfs, BMW M-cars to Porsche track cars. Always have the latest diagnostics and a deep understanding of engine building and chassis setup. Highly technical shop that has seriously skilled techs and a friendly atmosphere.