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*Approx 2-3 rolling road runs with a print out of power at the wheels, calculated power at the flywheel, calculated torque at the flywheel, and boost pressure (if easily measurable) – All prices include VAT.


The Regal Autosport Rolling Road is a a Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno with custom TAT software. The Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno is a mechanically linked strain gauge type dynamic load cell dyno. The way it measures power is that it applies a variable load on the primary mover (in this case the drums) and measures the PM’s ability to move this. The TAT software then records this and finally calculates the output based on the measurement plus the strain gauge/load cell and the speed sensor. 
This software measures run-down drag after every run, this takes into account things like the parasitic losses of the dyno, vehicles powertrain i.e. gearbox and tyre friction. As this changes on every run it is measures on every run, as well as this it has all of the usual items such as weather station.
A key reason why we chose the Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno and imported it from the USA a number of years ago, specifically is that it is a mechanically linked dyno that can also be delinked for 2WD testing. Most dyno’s on the market that are “AWD” are not mechanically linked, this causes a HUGE amount of costly issues with cars that use a non-permeant clutch actuated AWD system like VW/Audi’s Haldex, Porsche Carrera 4/Turbo AWD, R8/Gallardo/Huracan where, if the wheel speeds aren’t the same front to rear the clutch unit can try to compensate, dramatically increasing wear, reducing life and resulting in costly repairs. 


Customer Reviews

Brilliant service from start to finish! Took my C63 AMG in for a secondary de-cat bypass and done a fantastic job. Friendly staff and the cars in the garage say it all. I can't do anything without researching companies first and these guys are top, definitely found a trusted garage & mechanics
I purchased a standard old Mk1 TT that was "looked after" in the Audi dealership before. I am always skeptic with such places so I googled a local garage with TT expertise and found this place. When I arrived I saw the Porsche GT-s and such in the yard and I thought maybe this is not my league. However staff was super nice and helpful, lifted the car up straight away and I saw one of their experts investigating the car, like an experienced doctor who exactly knows where to reach. They gave me a reasonable quote, did the job in the promised time frame, even added some extras. I never felt the "old lady" was less of a car than any of the others. The owner is very friendly, explained everything. I will stick with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Virag Varga
Audi TT
Looked after tonnes of cars of mine over the years, from VW Golfs, BMW M-cars to Porsche track cars. Always have the latest diagnostics and a deep understanding of engine building and chassis setup. Highly technical shop that has seriously skilled techs and a friendly atmosphere.