Supercharger Conversions at Regal Autosport in Southampton


Audi R8 Superchargers
Available for Gen1 & Gen 2 R8 V8 & V10 models


Lamborghini Superchargers
Available for Gallardo & Huracan V8 & V10 MODELS


*Prices vary depending on specific vehicle requirements. Does not include any labour costs.

Huracan supercharger conversion

UK's First Supercharged Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

VF800 Supercharger Conversion 

LP610-4 standard output 602hp / 413tq

VF800 conversion output 805hp / 610tq



VF Engineering and Regal Autosport have a long standing working relationship. There are other options on the market but we at Regal believe the quality of the VF Engineering kits makes them the ONLY supercharger conversions to consider. There are several fundamental designs of superchargers (roots, screw, vane, rotary, axial flow and centrifugal). Each design has its advantages and each are differently suited to different types of application. The most commonly used today for aftermarket supercharger kits are the roots and centrifugal. The roots units, ideally need to be mounted on the plenum chamber but the centrifugal type is not restricted in this way. However all supercharger units need to be mounted to take a drive from the engine crank pulley by a serpentine belt. We have a vast amount of experience installing these kits and we are confident you will be blown away by the transformation to your vehicles power!

Supercharger Conversions


If you want your Supercharger conversion to stand out even more, for an additional cost we can have the body of the charger finished in practically any colour! All we require is the colour code. Further to this, on certain applications, you can upgrade your kit up through the varying power increases. This is achieved by upgrading different components. We also offer numerous upgrades to really compliment the Supercharger Conversion, bringing your car to life!

Regal Autosports Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 - project 'rambo' - Supercharger Conversion

Introducing our newest in-house project – The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. Let the Supercharger Conversion Commence!!

VF Engineering – VF800 Supercharger Kit

Keep up to date with our project here: Project Huracan 

Supercharger conversion


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Customer Reviews

Brilliant service from start to finish! Took my C63 AMG in for a secondary de-cat bypass and done a fantastic job. Friendly staff and the cars in the garage say it all. I can't do anything without researching companies first and these guys are top, definitely found a trusted garage & mechanics
Very friendly and knowledgeable technicians at regal. The main guy Chris is a very amiable and friendly character who I found acted with integrity throughout the process of supercharging my 911. A family run business that immediately made me feel comfortable, also a great job on my car which has transformed its performance. Thanks regal.
Mark James
Porsche 911
Looked after tonnes of cars of mine over the years, from VW Golfs, BMW M-cars to Porsche track cars. Always have the latest diagnostics and a deep understanding of engine building and chassis setup. Highly technical shop that has seriously skilled techs and a friendly atmosphere.


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We have been operating under COVID Secure measures since the beginning of the pandemic and these measures are being re-emphasised to customers today.

For customers, this means that there is no indoor waiting area available and the reception is only open for vehicle collection and payment with completely contactless options available for those who would like or require it.