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Who are Snap Finance?

Snap Finance provides a perfect opportunity for those customers that have been declined on one of our previous or current finance lenders! Whether it's a product, remap or a full tuning package, Snap Finance can help fund your order through Regal Autosport, helping you get the parts you want sooner!

Unlike other finance providers we’ve used in the past, Snap Finance will provide you with a credit amount should your application be successful. You can then plan what you would like to spend your credit amount on before contacting Regal Autosport to put your order through on Snap Finance.Payments are simple and Snap Finance allow you to spread the cost of your order to suit your needs, providing flexible payment options with weekly / fortnightly and monthly payments available to choose from.

Please don't be put off by the interest rate on the application! With the hello15 finance offer, applicants have a 15 week period to pay off their credit amount before any interest comes into play! Should you not be able to pay in the 15 week period, the interest rate will then take affect on the remaining credit amount that is left unpaid. The more credit you pay off in the 15 week period, the less interest you will pay on the full order.

What is Hello15?

Take 15 months credit, if you settle in 15 weeks, you wont be charged any interest. If life happens, you can just continue with your minimum payments over the full 15 months.

Am I eligible?

• Minimum 18 years old £200 weekly income

• Resident in UK

• Active current account that can accept Direct Debits

• Valid Debit or Credit Card

How does it work?

STEP 1: Register your interest with Snap Finance 

You can apply for your credit amount by clicking either of the 'APPLY NOW' links, giving Regal Autosport a call on 02380 558636, contacting us through social media or emailing sales@regalautosport.com

STEP 2: You will be sent a link to the application

If you have clicked the apply now link it will automatically take you through to the Snap Finance Application page, alternatively you will be sent an application link

STEP 3: Fill out the application

Once on the application it can be filled out in a few easy steps, relevant information such as Personal, Income, Essential outgoings and Bank information will be collected in order to determine if your application will be approved

STEP 4: Completing the Verification

You will be asked to verify your identity with Snap Finance sending another text message / email with a clarification code for you to input into the application

STEP 5: Interest Free Finance Option

hello15 offers you the chance to settle your loan within the first 15 weeks before any interest comes into play. You will pay a £15 deposit before the 15-week period begins, payments are extremely flexible, allowing you to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can learn more about hello15 on Snap Finance’s website HERE .

If you are interested in the hello15 offer, please tick the tick box on the Submit for Approval page.

STEP 6: Submitting the Application

After selecting the security question and contact  preferences, you will then be asked to confirm you have agreed to Snap Finance's Privacy Policy. You must tick the box to confirm this before submitting the application.

STEP 7: Approved or Declined

Your application will then be sent off to Snap Finance’s underwriters to confirm whether your application will be approved or declined.

If approved, you will be given a credit amount to be spent at Regal Autosport, you can then give the Regal Autosport team a call to go through the parts you would like to order before creating an invoice through Snap Finance.

If your application comes back declined, Snap Finance will unfortunately be unable to offer you any credit.

STEP 8: Legal Requirements

A Regal Autosport staff member on the phone will then discuss the remaining legal requirements we have to go through. You will pay your £15 deposit over the phone before being sent an electronic contract agreement which you must complete and sign before we can proceed with the order.

STEP 9: Dispatching the Order

Once the application is complete and signed, our dispatch team will proceed with the order, if in stock we will dispatch the order on our next working day delivery service. If your order requires parts that are not in stock, we will place your order with our supplier and update you with an estimate delivery date.

Please note the delivery MUST be shipped to the billing address on your application as per the terms and conditions set by Snap Finance.

STEP 10: Welcome call from Snap Finance

When the order and application status is complete, Snap Finance will then give you a quick call to confirm everything is okay with the order and discuss any extra details you would like to go through regarding your finance application.

Please get in contact with a member of the team at Regal Autosport for any additional information you require regarding Snap Finance.

You can learn more about Snap Finance by visiting their website HERE .

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Representative Example: Cost of Goods £915, Amount of Credit £900, Annual Interest Rate 69.75% Fixed, Weekly Payment £21.03, Term 65 Weeks, Total Payable £1381.95, Representative APR 99.9%.