EDS Inlet Manifold for Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LET/Z20LEH

EDS Inlet Manifold for Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LET/Z20LEH

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Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, this short runner inlet manifold for the popular Z20LET/Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LEH engine is one of the critical components for unlocking 300+ bhp from your car.

This inlet manifold and top hat are designed to supply the greater volume of air needed to feed the engine when running more boost than standard. The stock inlet manifold is a long runner design and is intended to aid torque when used at the stock boost level...as soon as you up the boost level, the long runner design begins to choke the engine and become a restriction, and actually robs mid range torque. Fitment of the EDS/Regal inlet manifold and top hat removes this restriction and allows your engine to breathe again!

It's not uncommon to see up to +30ft/lb in the mid range on a stage 3.5 car and on big turbo applications we have seen upwards of 40bhp peak with the same boost level!

Please note what your engine and chassis is when ordering as the brackets supplied differ from chassis/engine code.

Included in the kit:

  • Genuine Vauxhall Inlet Manifold Gasket
  • EDS Inlet Manifold Fittings
  • EDS Cast Inlet Manifold
  • ECU Bracket for Z20LET Astra G models

Fits: All Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LET/Z20LEH engined vehicles such as the Astra G GSI, Astra G SRI, Astra G Coupe Turbo, Astra H SRI 2.0T Turbo, Astra H 2.0T Turbo & Astra H VXR 

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