EDT Treatment


Put the smile back on your face with an EDT Treatment

Remember the smile on your face when you drove your car for the first time? Regal Autosport can give you that smile back again after we have treated your car with the EDT deep clean. With your engine performance and drivability improved, more responsive power delivery, and smoother, quieter running, your vehicle will feel as good as new.

The Engine Decontamination Machine, has been manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the World for over 20 years. EDT Automotive have now carried out treatments on over 18,000 vehicles removing decontamination, improving their mpg reducing their emissions and enhancing the performance of the vehicles. 99.6% customer satisfaction score – book now to experience the product for yourself.


Our machine carries out a unique engineering process that removes all the sludge, varnish and debris that builds up in the engine which is normally left there during and oil and oil filter change/service.

Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows the new oil to perform to its maximum capabilities. This then has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability.

Our machine is fully automated and once connected takes less than fifteen minutes to complete the treatment. It operates using a bespoke, environmentally-friendly, bio-fuel, white food grade oil.

We currently have experienced average emission reductions on cars tested of 69% on CO and 58% of hydrocarbons, as of September 2015.

Together with many testimonials on the enhanced performance and drivability after an Engine Decontamination Treatment (EDT) has been carried out.

The EDT Deep Engine Clean works on low mileage cars just as well as high mileage cars!!

Pricing: EDT Treatment Deep Clean incorporated with service which includes a pre-engine flush – £140inc VAT


Audi A6 2.7 TDI 70K, Steve Hole – Automotive Editor – Sussex “As a motoring journalist I have to confess to being a natural cynic when it comes to new products and services. However, having had the EDT Automotive treatment carried out on my Audi A6 diesel I am incredibly impressed. The engine is more responsive, throttle inputs are less and mid-range punch has increased dramatically. OH AND AMAZINGLY MY OIL IS STILL AS GOLDEN AS THE DAY EDT WEAVED THEIR MAGIC ON MY CAR”

Land Rover James Rowbotham – “Car is still driving lovley with improved throttle responce and a 2 MPG increase in fuel consumption. Even the Mrs noticed a difference”.

Bentley Mr. Martin “It has definitely helped with the start up. The oil must be getting to the top quicker as I had no noise from the tappets. The top of the engine runs very smooth and themoved from 18 to 24. Change up through the gears seems less lumpy too”.

Mercedes Antony Servis — Have done both my 105000 m Astra diesel van and my fathers 80000 B180d Merc wonders. More power, more MPG and both drive so much better. Cheers EDT.