Autosport 2013 – Wavetrac® Differentials Stand E1070

Once again we are representing Autotech Drivelines Wavetrac Differential product line at Autosport 2013. We will be exhibiting inside the Autosport Engineering section of the show, at Stand E1070, which forms an integral part of the Autosport International show which is highly regarded by the industry figureheads as motorsports most important technology show.

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Corsa D VXR – Raider Decals

Corsa D VXR stopped early this morning for a new look…

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Astra H VXR – 426HP / 329TQ

Another high-power Astra H VXR heads out of Regal HQ this week with a massive spec, the brief from the customer was simple… ‘More Power’. So we outlined a mod plan and budget and got building…

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Corsa D VXR – 340HP / 308TQ

We’ve been running the K06 turbo’s on the Corsa D VXR’s for a while now, however we have not really seen the leaps in performance you would perceive to attain from an upgrade in compressor trim compared to the OE Astra H VXR Turbo, however we have seen slightly higher peak figures of around +10HP-25HP, greater reliability, faster boost response and the ability to hold power / boost to the red line… 212 HP per litre… what’s not to love?

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Golf MK5 – GT30 Big Turbo – Garage Midnight

Ryan at Garage Midnights Golf GTI has been slowly coming together for a while now and last week he worked AM – Midnight, for a week to get the car running, niggles sorted and a base map installed. Previously running a K04 turbo with all the external trimmings and custom cat-cam valvetrain upgrades he was close to 400HP.

With the GT30 the 400HP mark will be easily surpassed, stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!

Below are few shots of the build…


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Astra J VXR – RSS Lowering Springs

-20mm RSS lowering springs for the Astra J VXR, made in collaboration with our friends over at AST-Suspension Holland; exclusively available via Regal Autosport.

Meticulously engineered to improve both the already great look of the GTC VXR and improve performance. Body roll is reduced, turn-in is improved, squatting under acceleration is reduced and so is the nose-dive under hard de-acceleration however the kit retains the OE ride-quality.

Here’s a few pictures on stock vs. modified…

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